A revolutionary system:

5 good reasons to choose
FlashCutter Qfc10 cutting system   


Blades replacement in just 10 seconds!

Opening, closing and changing blades: in just three simple steps the head will be ready for use: the special clamping system makes both the opening and closing movements of the head almost automatic.


Patented systems
for perfect performances

4 types of blades for 7 different types of cutting, to solve even the most difficult situations. From grass cutting of any kind to the most uncultivated and problematic areas, from standard cutting to “Mulching” or “Scattering” effect”.


Total absence of problems

The only concern is the replacement of the blades: a fast operation, simple and handy. Moreover the special profile of the blades increases the power of impact and reduces vibration and noise, ensuring greater comfort for the operator.


Universal for all machines

Thanks to a universal mounting system it is possible to mount the head on any brush cutter, of any brand and engine capacity.


Head of higher and guaranteed durability

Aluminum head that does not require spare parts, simple and robust. Moreover, the aerodynamic profile of the blade reduces fuel consumption and power consumption, increasing wear resistance and tensile strength: does not stick and does not tear.


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